Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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About Us

K.N. Raj Centre (KNRC), established in 2012, is a befitting tribute to the memory of renowned economist Dr. K. N. Raj, whose contributions to India’s development policy, especially planning, are profound and enduring. It was conceived as a Centre of Excellence in Economics with specialization in planning and fiscal federalism. Currently, KNRC offers MA Programme in Economics, with an emphasis on quantitative analysis. The institutions agenda is to offer innovative and frequently updated courses and curriculum in Economics, and thereby create the right platform for students to excel in the study of Economics, which will enable them to occupy high positions in the government sector as well as in business enterprises.


Academic progress

In the last few years of its existence, the Centre has attracted students from all over India as well as some international scholars. In the interest of promoting diversity, four seats are reserved for scholars from other States of the country; additionally, two seats are set apart for foreign students. These are over and above 16 seats for students from Kerala. In order to obtain admission, applicants to MA Programme have to appear for a highly competitive entrance test. We have been able to consistently produce 100 percent pass with entire students scoring upwards of 60 percent marks in final examinations. Results of final examinations are usually declared in less than 24 months of students joining the programme.

One of our strengths is the presence of highly qualified faculty with long years of teaching experience. 75 percent of the faculty holds research degree and four of them are research guides at different schools of the MG University. We take earnest effort to cultivate a culture of research among students. Half a dozen of our alumni has registered for PhD (one of them was recently awarded PhD) and more than a dozen have joined / completed MPhil Degree.